Acidity And Acids In Coffee: Where They Come From And How To Recognize

When you order filter coffee in a coffee shop, the barista sometimes asks: “Are you sour or sweeter?” It’s all about the acids found in roasted coffee. They give the taste. We have previously written about the acidity in coffee. In this article, we will talk in more detail about the main acids that are responsible for the taste of coffee – citric, malic, tartaric, and orthophosphoric.

What is acidity in coffee: what depends on and how we feel it?

Acidity is the very first thing we feel on the tip of our tongue when we taste coffee.

For high-quality coffees, acidity is a fruity taste, not a sour sensation. A good way to tell one another is to think of acidity as a sparkling tingle on the tongue and acidity as an unpleasant, annoying taste.

When describing acidity, the intensity is indicated – below average, average, or above average. And in terms of quality, it can be sweet, juicy, or bright. Usually, this information is indicated on the packaging or when describing the coffee in the online store.

The intensity of acidity in a drink depends on the following factors.

  • Method of processing grains. With natural processing, the berries are dried whole, so more sugars from the pulp and gluten remain in the grain. And with washed processing, the pulp is removed, and the grains are dried in the patch. Therefore, this coffee turns out to be more acidic.
  • Roast degree. Roasting helps shape the acidity that is already present in the beans. But some acids are destroyed if the grain is roasted for too long or at high temperatures.
  • Cooking. The coffee components are not extracted simultaneously during preparation. First, many acids and oils dissolve in water, then sugars, and only then – bitter substances. If, for example, you reduce the time, increase the grind and lower the temperature, the acidity will appear brighter.

You can brighten the acidity of your coffee by changing the brewing parameters.

At championships, acidity is described at two temperatures of coffee – hot (about 70 ° C) and warm (40 ° C). When the drink cools down, the acidity changes – it becomes more intense, juicier, new descriptors may open up. Try the drink next time immediately after preparation and cooled down. You will most likely feel the difference.

Types of acids: why one coffee has an apple, and another has a lemon

Each type of coffee has its own “taste,” especially acidity. It depends on the acids that got into the drink from the ground coffee. They can be divided into two main groups – organic and inorganic.

There are about 40 types of acids. But we will tell you about the main ones that are responsible for the taste of coffee – lemon, apple, wine and orthophosphoric. And we will consider in what products they can be tasted to feel more clearly in the cup.

  • Lemon acid. Possesses high brightness and juiciness, most pronounced in green coffee. Destroyed if the coffee is roasted too hard. It reveals itself as citrus on the palate. Also found in cranberry juice, pineapple, pine needles.
  • Apple acid. Helps to achieve a tart and viscous sourness in the taste of the drink. Feels like a green apple. It can be found in the fruits of mountain ash, raspberries, berries, and grape leaves.
  • Wine acid. Gives the drink an astringent aftertaste and tastes like vinegar. Too much of it will spoil the taste of the coffee. Found in grapes, mountain ash, bananas, cherries, pears, and currants. It is also used as one of the ingredients for “super sour” candies.
  • Orthophosphoric acid. Creates a slight tingling sensation on the tongue. Provides a soda bubble fresh sensation. Unlike the acids listed above, phosphoric acid is classified as inorganic and is the main ingredient in soft drinks.

All types of acids are present in coffee but different proportions. Their ratio depends on the type of coffee, the region of cultivation, and the preparation method. Accordingly, the more a certain acid is, the more you will feel it in the drink.

Expand the flavoring experience to experience new flavors in the cup

Acidity is a completely natural characteristic of the taste of coffee. It is felt like a sparkling tingle on the tongue and fruity notes. We suggest you practice and observe the taste sensations. You can try lemon, raspberry, and compare – how the acidity of lemon differs from raspberry.…

Make Incredible Desserts With Espresso Coffee!

tumblr_nf586dYdML1qahv0fo1_1280Coffee is like the elixir from heaven for many people. Many won’t start their day without a cup of piping hot coffee. People drink this beverage in many ways depending on their tastes and choices, but one thing is sure that coffee is an integral part of our day to day lives. However coffee is not only used as a beverage that energizes and refreshes you, but it can also be used in many different ways while preparing mouthwatering desserts. These desserts get a distinct aroma and taste when the espresso coffee is used in making them.


Ways to use espresso coffee in desserts

  • You can use the leftover coffee in cakes or cheesecakes or you can use the instant espresso coffee as a garnish for desserts like Tiramisu.
  • If you have some espresso coffee left over from the pot you brewed in the morning, then instead of wasting it, you can freeze it in your ice tray. These coffee cubes can be used for making an iced coffee in a very short time. You can also use them for making café frappes at home without any problem.
  • The leftover espresso coffee can be used for making coffee granules which can be eaten with vanilla ice-cream for instant dessert.
  • You can make an instant homemade coffee flavored ice cream if you mix the espresso with heavy cream and freeze it for few hours.
  • The espresso coffee can also be used in baked goods as it can replace the water or milk in the recipe and create a coffee flavor recipe for a cake or muffins.
  • You can make frosting or a coffee-flavored ganache use it for icing the cakes or muffins for delicious desserts.
  • You can also make a Choco mocha sauce with some chocolate and espresso coffee which can be used as ga

Making the most favorite Italian dessert Tiramisu is impossible without the espresso coffee because the strong flavor of the espresso coffee and coffee liquor are the basic features of this dessert. Different types of coffee cakes are also popular with people as an after dinner treat or even as a mid afternoon snack. The espresso coffee is not only used in milk-basedbeverages because people are trying to find new ways in which it can be used. Chilled espresso coffee, with the creamer of your favorite flavor and you can add raspberries to the drink to make an after dinner drink which is a bit on the sweeter side.

Although mainly we have described the ways in which leftover espresso coffee can be used in sweet desserts or creating sweet beverages, but the leftover espresso can also be used in savory dishes and it offers an amazing aroma and unique taste to those savory dishes. There are many recipes like braised chicken with coffee floured sauce or barbecue chicken with coffee barbecue sauce. We can say for sure that people love coffee in any form and in any type of recipe because of its distinctively unique aroma and taste.

Changing the face of Coffee by Changing Coffee Culture

It’s a powerful beverage sometimes it keeps us healthy and active and it has shaped latte-1200501_640our country as well as now changing the culture. It had major impacts on growing of businesses by generating ideas on different levels while drinking it and discussing on different subjects yes here we are talking about the coffee that has a huge impact on human life.

Culture of Coffee

There are still some places around the world where you can’t find a Starbucks chain. Each and every country has its own culture with certain traditions so as the coffee culture. For example European countries near to continental like their coffee strong they rarely add milk inside it, while on the other hand in France coffee cafes are mostly part of drinking alcohols and in Italy they used to prefer drinking their coffees by standing up not by sitting under couches. In some other countries people used to make their coffee’s thick.

More recently there is a new type of culture for coffee has developed in the form of certain coffee brands such as Starbucks.  It has wide range of branches all around the world.

Change in India

During 90’s Coffee shops in India were used to be mostly road side and you can’t sit on comfort couches. As the 20th century came CCD’s started growing at colleges and streets then conceptually people started loving and admiring it. Now  India has became the largest producer of the coffee in the  world today and consumes lots of coffee per year and there has been continuous development of various coffee franchisees every year, Which is gaining attraction day by day and it’s become a way of sharing ideas spending quality time with loving ones.

Now Starbucks has reached India which shows the increase of modern Coffee culture with verities of tastes and choices. This became trending not only for traditional coffee tasters but among the youngsters also. It has deeply increased in south India where people used to see coffee as a refreshing agent rather than as an option of drinking.

Increment in Verities

Now coffee has become versatile and it has not limited to the traditional hot coffee. Today we have more than hundreds of coffee tastes and recipes around the different corners of the world. Some of them include Cold- coffee which is true flavor of coffee with the touch of ice cubes, ginger coffee, the yummy chocolate coffee, cold brew coffee and many others.

Positive Sides

There are somecoffee-986813_640 surprising facts and benefits related to the coffee culture:

  1. It can reduce the risk of fatal liver disease up to 30 %
  2. With regular consumption of it will result in a reduction of type 2 diabetes.
  3. Reduction in colorectal cancer.
  4. Act as a reducing agent while you are stressful.


While it has many advantages of giving a positive impact on human health on the other hand too much consumption of it can result in a certain health issues. Drinking of coffee should be enjoyed whether it is Morning or evening time, and you should be strict to 2-3 cups a days not more than that more getting the most out of it so that it will result in a positive impact rather than being negative.