tumblr_nf586dYdML1qahv0fo1_1280Coffee is like the elixir from heaven for many people. Many won’t start their day without a cup of piping hot coffee. People drink this beverage in many ways depending on their tastes and choices, but one thing is sure that coffee is an integral part of our day to day lives. However coffee is not only used as a beverage that energizes and refreshes you, but it can also be used in many different ways while preparing mouthwatering desserts. These desserts get a distinct aroma and taste when the espresso coffee is used in making them.


Ways to use espresso coffee in desserts

  • You can use the leftover coffee in cakes or cheesecakes or you can use the instant espresso coffee as a garnish for desserts like Tiramisu.
  • If you have some espresso coffee left over from the pot you brewed in the morning, then instead of wasting it, you can freeze it in your ice tray. These coffee cubes can be used for making an iced coffee in a very short time. You can also use them for making café frappes at home without any problem.
  • The leftover espresso coffee can be used for making coffee granules which can be eaten with vanilla ice-cream for instant dessert.
  • You can make an instant homemade coffee flavored ice cream if you mix the espresso with heavy cream and freeze it for few hours.
  • The espresso coffee can also be used in baked goods as it can replace the water or milk in the recipe and create a coffee flavor recipe for a cake or muffins.
  • You can make frosting or a coffee-flavored ganache use it for icing the cakes or muffins for delicious desserts.
  • You can also make a Choco mocha sauce with some chocolate and espresso coffee which can be used as ga

Making the most favorite Italian dessert Tiramisu is impossible without the espresso coffee because the strong flavor of the espresso coffee and coffee liquor are the basic features of this dessert. Different types of coffee cakes are also popular with people as an after dinner treat or even as a mid afternoon snack. The espresso coffee is not only used in milk-basedbeverages because people are trying to find new ways in which it can be used. Chilled espresso coffee, with the creamer of your favorite flavor and you can add raspberries to the drink to make an after dinner drink which is a bit on the sweeter side.

Although mainly we have described the ways in which leftover espresso coffee can be used in sweet desserts or creating sweet beverages, but the leftover espresso can also be used in savory dishes and it offers an amazing aroma and unique taste to those savory dishes. There are many recipes like braised chicken with coffee floured sauce or barbecue chicken with coffee barbecue sauce. We can say for sure that people love coffee in any form and in any type of recipe because of its distinctively unique aroma and taste.